Awards 2023

This weeks “Why I Love Barrie” blog post will shine a positive light on our snowy little region.

It is true, sometimes we do get pounded with snow here in Barrie. Sometimes it feels like you may spend more time with your shovel or snow blower than your own family (shameless self-promo: condo living will cure this pain) However, the bright side to this is, if you ski or snowboard than living in Barrie puts you in the heart of all the hills.

I love Barrie because within a maximum of a 50-60 minute drive (weather pending), you can find yourself at 7 different hills.  I will list them from closest to furthest away:

Snow Valley about 15 minute drive from Barrie (directions)

Horseshoe Resort about 20-25 minute drive from Barrie (directions)

Heights of Horseshoe same as above (directions)

Mount St Louis about a 35-40 minute drive from Barrie (directions)

Blue Mountain about a 50-60 minute drive from Barrie (directions)

Craigleigth Ski Club same as Blue Mountain (directions)

Osler Bluff Ski Club about the same as Blue Mountain (directions)

Each of the resorts have a variety of runs that satisfy the carving appetites of beginners to advanced riders. If you’re looking for a stay and play kind of a weekend you’ll want to focus your attention to Horseshoe Valley or Blue Mountain. These two resorts offer you the option of staying right by the hills. Blue Mountain has the ever popular Village which is almost like Whistler JR. There are shops, pubs, restaurants and many places to stay. Plus, it is close to the Scandinave Spa which can melt any any little piece of stress you may be holding on too. Horseshoe Valley is a little tamer but still provides restaurants, a spa and a variety of fun options for the kids. Snow Valley and Mount St Louis offer you the play option with no stay however, both have great skiing with tubing options as well as chalets where you can eat and grab a warm beverage.

If you’re the kind of person that lives outdoors during the winter and likes to rip on one or two planks, than living in Barrie is optimal for your shredding desires! Oh yeah, you can go tubing at pretty much all the resorts!!!

Close access to great skiing and snowboarding is just another reason why I love Barrie.

Todd Palmer
Marketing Director, Pratt Homes Barrie

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