The Pratt
Homes Legacy

Since 1890

Pratt Homes is a legacy builder that has been building homes of all shapes and sizes for everyone, no matter what stage of the family life cycle they’re in: from young adulthood to retirement years. The family’s tradition of building in Barrie, Ontario started in 1890, and has continued for six generations.

“The strength of the people throughout history, and all that remains of it today, largely results from the keen sense which they ever cherished of the importance of the home and the family. The house, the city, and labour, are all important to the conserving of the strength of the family.”

– G. Campbell Morgan

Building Homes for Families for Over a Century

2005 To Present
Karen Pratt-Hansen & Heljar Hansen
Beginning in 2005 they have built several hundred houses in Barrie and are pushing forward into an era of new and innovative ways to build. The Pratt-Hansen group plans to continue the family legacy for many years to come.
Don Pratt
Don built several hundred houses in Barrie from 1976 to 2004. Don was involved in the R2000 home concept launch in Barrie and made several innovations in building efficiency and energy saving plans. Don was the first family builder to brand the Pratt Homes name.
Gord Pratt
Gord built approximately 200 houses in Barrie from 1950 to 1974. His first houses were built using a horse and scraper to excavate the basement.
Murray Pratt
Murray built 21 houses in Barrie from 1942 to 1947. His houses incorporated a bedroom in the attic, thereby adding an extra half floor of living space. He built one of Barrie’s few frame-less houses built entirely of blocks and concrete.
William Pratt

William built approximately 20 houses in Barrie from the 1920’s into the 1950’s. His houses were the first Pratt houses to have electric outlets built in. The wall insulation was made of wood chips and shavings.

Stephen Pratt
Emigrated from England in 1871. He built two houses in the Barrie/Cundles area in the 1890’s. Stephen’s homes were lit with kerosene/naphtha gas and heated with a wood stove and coal.

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And the legacy continues…

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Condos, Towns, Detached


6 stages of buying a Pratt Home

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