Awards 2023

Good afternoon everyone,

Are you excited about the grand opening of Upper West Side this Saturday?  We are too.  Below is a list of instructions to help you understand exactly what is going on.

1. The event starts at 10:00am Saturday October 26th at our sales office, 40 Ferndale drive south between Ardagh and Tiffin. (Someone has already said they will most likely sleepover on the Friday night!)

2. Once you arrive, you will be able to park in one of the following five areas:
Option 1: At the sales trailer on pavement in regular spaces
Option 2: At sales trailer on grass in assigned spaces
Option 3: On the side of the road on Ferndale Dr S (be careful and watch for traffic!)
Option 4: The eco-park, 30 seconds south of the sales office on Ferndale towards Ardagh.
Option 5: There will be a backup lot across the street in Manhattan that will only be open if it rains.
NOTE: A parking attendant will be on-site to help direct you. There will also be Pratt Homes signage at each parking site.

3. After you park, go to the outside registration table in the parking lot of the sales trailer and see Todd Palmer (That’s me). He will give you the following registration package:

A number: Hold on to this. We will invite a certain number of people into the sales trailer at one time. Keep your number so you can get in when we call it. NOTE; this number only holds your spot in line, once inside the trailer, you can purchase as soon as you’re ready.

A one pager: This will give you an idea of what is going on at the grand opening.

Rules and regulations: We have a promotional incentive that is available for those who sign a reservation agreement and leave a deposit. The rules and regulations define the incentive.

4. Once you’ve received your initial registration package, you are now free to grab something to eat from the BBQ (there will be hotdogs, sausages and hamburgers) or help yourself to a coffee and a donut. Also, feel free to visit the model homes across the street at Manhattan, these will give you a great idea of what your new home could look like. We will have a greeter at the front door waiting for you. She will send you to Cynthia Grassing our award winning Colour and Décor Consultant who will be waiting on the third floor to show you around the models.

5. Back at the trailer, when your number is called, you will be able to enter the sales trailer. Our hostess will ask you to fill out a final registration form. After this, our Sales team Bruno, Steph or Sue will speak with you about the Upper West Side. (Don’t worry, if your number is called and you’re at a model home, you’ll be able to gain immediate access when you return to the trailer.)

6. If you’re ready to purchase a unit, the team will have you fill out a reservation agreement and submit a deposit. At that point, you will be able to participate in our promotional incentive. You will select an envelope which will be attached to your reservation agreement. You will not be able to open the envelope until you return for your reserved appointment to finalize your purchase. The envelopes have prizes worth between $2,500 and $10,000 in upgrades for your condo.

7. If you aren’t ready to purchase, you will receive a copy of our Upper West Side brochure, a price list as well as a business card. At that point, you are welcome to go visit our model homes across the street or wander off and discuss the Upper West Side.

8. Here’s a few more things to remember for this Saturday:
– It will be cold so dress appropriately. We will do our best to move people through the office efficiently however, you may need to be outside for a bit.
– People are excited about this opening so be prepared to wait and little longer than usual.
– It might rain so bring an umbrella just in case.
– We’ve got a BBQ going so don’t worry about lunch, it’s on us.
– We will also have coffee and donuts throughout the day.

If you have any question or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

PS: We will be sending out the price list this week.  Register at

Todd Palmer
Marketing Director, Pratt Homes Barrie