Awards 2023

The following blog is going to show you how to use things around your home that can make your life easier. It is a condensed version of a post from a website called Viralnova. They provided 89 tips but we did the hard work for you and read through all of their tips to narrow it down to a clean and simple 15 tips.

Here are (what we feel) are the 15 best tips provided by Viralnova:

1. What a great way to hold your bagel sandwich!

bagel holder










2. A sponge in a freezer bag makes an ice pack with less mess. No more frozen peas for you.

sponge ice pack













3. Your cellphone under a gatorade or powerade bottle makes a lantern…or cool party light!


Phone Light










4. …and you thought dental floss was just for your teeth!

dental floss knife













5. Use an old jug to make a dust pan…Sure you could buy another one but this seems like fun.

cheap dust pan













6. No long matches? Use spaghetti to help light your candles. Be careful!














7. Need more closet space? A few pop tabs can help solve your problem.

expand your closet










8. Sure you may have made a resolution to lose a few pounds. Here’s a tip just in case you decide to treat yourself for all the hard work.

fork oreo













9. This actually make me feel a little less smart for not thinking of this myself. Also, I’ve tried folding the tape into a triangle as well. Works ok.

bread tab holds tape










10. That old hanging shoe rack (if you even have one) can double as a cleaning supply holder.

hanging shoe rack holds cleaners













11. Pancakes made the easy and less messy way.

ketchup pancake mix













12. “UGH! How am I going to get all these groceries in the house?” One of whatever those things are called will help!!

Carrying Groceries













13. It can double as pacman or your old tennis ball can help you hold some things.

tennis ball holder













14. Lose an earring or some pins?

vacuum earring finder











15. I think we’ve all been in this situation…

fill a container













As I mentioned at the beginning of the blog, if you want to see ALL 89 tips click here. We just thought we’d do you a favour, read through them and find the 15 best things around your home that can make your life easier.

Do you have any cool tips that can help? We’d love to hear them?

Todd Palmer
Marketing Director
Pratt Homes Barrie