Awards 2023

The Six”o”Six Condo:

Greenwich Village has been one of our fastest selling and most desirable communities. People love the idea of living around the eco-park and environmentally protected lands. It creates a tranquil atmosphere within our beautiful city.  Today we are here to discuss the Six”o”Six, bachelor/bachelorette suite that is currently available inside the Washington and West Vill buildings at Greenwich Village.

The Six“0”Six condo is perfect for a person who wants a humble home. It’s a quaint space that offers exceptional flow, an over-sized balcony to enjoy your morning latte on and a functional kitchen layout that allows you to practice for your audition on Top Chef Canada. We’ve actually revised the suite to include a den which create more separation of space and provides the appearance of a cozy one bedroom unit.

There is a sufficient storage for your bike, skis or golf clubs and more than enough opportunity to test your ability at making this incredible space efficient for your lifestyle.

The Six“0”Six condo is like living in a luxury suite at the Ritz Carleton, except better on your budget.

It is fantastic as your first condo or smart as your secondary space.

Visit our website, click on Six”0”Six condo and check out how gorgeous it is with a price that is awesomely affordable.

Also, click here to find out where we got our inspiration for our Greenwich Village

Todd Palmer
Marketing Director, Pratt Homes.