Awards 2023

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about practical ways to simplify life by making little changes in my attitudes, habits and environment.

Here are 10 of my favourite ways to simplify life and your environment that can help save time, space and energy–and perhaps create a little serenity for us all:

1. Downsize your Digs – A smaller home means less to maintain, less to clean and less to pay in mortgage, utilities and rent. Today I can’t help but think of all our homeowners who are taking possession of their new home this week and will be embracing on the adventure of  downsizing or simply embarking on the many benefits of condo living.

2. Get rid of excess furniture – This means less furniture to walk around, and less to move when you have to clean. Creating breathing space in a room can do wonders for the mind, body and soul.

3. Opt for multifunctional furniture – There is many options now that will allow your needs to be met with fewer pieces.

4. Get rid of excessive decor items (or knick – knacks) – This way you will spend less time cleaning around them.

5. Have a place for everything – It makes it much easier to find things when everything is organized and put away. Try beautiful containers to store small accessory items like jewelry, watches, scarves or hats, instead of scattering them about.

6. Keep your bedroom a peaceful oasis – Make your bed every morning which is an easy step that makes a big difference! Everything will look neater and it becomes easier to find what you’re looking for. Your bedroom becomes a more peaceful environment which contributes to an inner calm at the end of a busy day.

7. Create a “white” space – This allows you to highlight items of beauty or significance which are all the things you really want to surround yourself with. A white space can be incredibly important in creating a peaceful home and a simple life.

8. Keep your dining room table surface clear – Clutter attracts clutter. A dining room table with knick knacks, craft items or paper is far more likely to end up a catch all for incoming mail and reading material. Try a colourful bowl, simple vase, flowers or a candle.

9. Clean out valuable kitchen cabinet space – Get rid of bulky appliances like ice cream makers, bread machines or food processors if they are never used. This will open up more space for life’s essentials.

10. Free up storage in linen closets – Extra linens, towels and blankets can accumulate and take up valuable space. Consider this suggestion I heard a long time ago…..keep 1 set in the closet, one in the laundry and one in use. Give away all the rest.

It can be hard at first, but once you get into the spirit of lightening the load, it is truly liberating! When I have trouble letting go of something (usually sentimental), I remember my mom telling me “you enjoyed it for a long time, now let someone else enjoy it for a while too”

Mom was right as usual, and it has contributed to a “simpler life”.

What have you done to “simplify your life” ?

Cynthia Grassing, Décor and Colour Consultant