Awards 2023

For most of us, home is truly where the heart is! It is here where our personalities and styles meet and merge and where we engage in the daily rituals that bring meaning to our lives and relationships.

Today there is endless ways to bring personal styles together in creative ways. Simple luxuries can be an easy and affordable way to add personality to your home.

In the living room, there’s a tendency to favour neutral décor because it is considered a common area of the home… but it’s the daring decisions that really bring a design to life. To create a warm, relaxing space a moody palette of brown, black, deep orange and pink can add warmth to cool and modern furniture.

Painting the walls a rich, deep color is often a good starting point for great design. Well chosen art and collections with intimately arranged seating areas make for pleasant and relaxing entertaining. Accessories such as printed throw pillows and metallic vases and bowls intensify the personality of the space.

In the kitchen the fashionable choice for cabinets and counters are dusky hues of espresso and mid-toned woods. The colours evoke both warm, bistro as well as dark, sleek and modern styles.

Shaker style cabinets remain the perfect balance between contemporary and traditional… but don’t forget the simple luxury of adding the right hardware: brushed nickel barrel pulls. Introduce added color and glamour in an affordable way by selecting a backsplash for your kitchen. The current trend is towards reflective materials like glass with polished stone. Personalized backsplashes are east to create by using traditional yet current subway tile with a listello of glass or stone. This can truly become the jewelry of your kitchen.

Pratt Homes is using the messages from the design world today by offering many of today’s latest finishes in our new townhomes and condos in Barrie. We believe that simple luxuries are all around us and can be an affordable way to create harmony and beauty in your home!