Awards 2023

People say “Home Is Where The Heart Is” and your older or new home will certainly reflect the love you show it. Adding small personal touches or improvements to your home can have a big impact and give it a special, distinctive look and feel. Take a look around your home and think creatively about what simple changes you can make today to turn your house into your home.

Start with the Front Door
Everyone who visits your home or passes by is first drawn to your entranceway. With the passage of time, your doorway may start to feel a little tired. To give it a face lift, consider:

• painting the front door
Throw caution aside and let your creative ideas rule the day. Real drama emerges when you choose a glossy paint in a bright color. Red works well for some homeowners and it may work for you too.

• putting a large potted plant nearby
Greenery suggests vibrancy and life and you can find a plants, living or otherwise, which look great and require little care to place around your entranceway.

• polishing the brass door knocker
If your door has a brass or metal knocker, it can look beautiful when you remove the tarnish. Polish the door handle and hinges while you’re at it.

• adding seasonal decorations
Possibly including a heart-themed wreath for the month of February.

Refresh the Kitchen
Your family and friends enjoy sharing time in the kitchen, watching or helping you create a fine meal. Familiarity with the appearance of the room may prevent you from seeing how you can make it look like new again. Some easy improvements include these:

• install new or different knobs and pulls for drawers and cabinets
Choose a contrasting color to accent one of the softer colors in the room. Black is surprisingly effective in some kitchens or you may like to try some heirloom pieces from your home improvement store.

• put lighting under your cabinets
A relatively new design feature, under-cabinet lighting gives you a way to see your recipes easily. Soft light can illuminate the kitchen in an inviting and subtle way.

Tackle the Bathroom

Your bath is one of the most used rooms in your home and it’s easy to make improvements to markedly change its appearance.

• hang new towels
A fresh set of hand and bath towels can make your bath look like a room in a model home. Make a trip to your linen outlet store to find luscious towels to give your bathroom a distinctive, elegant look.

• light some candles
Nothing is more romantic than candlelight and a few strategically placed scented candles can turn a dreary bathroom into a secluded retreat.

install a new shower head
Recent innovations in shower hardware give you choices which spray or pulse in various patterns and many models have the added bonus of also helping to conserve water.

• put new caulk around the bathtub
A bright white caulk can make the bathtub look clean and new. Get a tube with a narrow nozzle to cover or replace the old caulk, which may have become stained over time.

Keep Fresh Flowers on Display
A bright bouquet will fill any room with freshness, charm and beauty.

• Find the crystal vase your grandmother gave you or find something unique at a home store. If you fill it with fresh flowers and place candles around it, you can create an elegant place to entertain your family and friends. Change the bouquet or remind someone to change it by buying flowers for you on a regular basis – not just on Valentine’s Day.

Enjoy Your Home’s New Look
You deserve to enjoy your home as much as it deserves your full attention some days.  Take time to sit back, relax and enjoy the new, relaxing atmosphere you’ve created for you and your special someones. These and many other great home design ideas are readily available via our Barrie interior design studio.

Let us know what simple decorations or design changes you’ve used to make your house more homey.