Awards 2023

Good morning friends, it’s that time of year when shovelling the drive way is something that just has to be done (unless you’re lucky and live in a condo of course). Especially if you live in Barrie, ON, you are no stranger to waking up to impressive depths of snow. The Weather Network is predicting several cm’s of snowfall over the next four days. So this article on shovelling tips is timely.

Below is a list of 15 shovelling tips from Popular Mechanics. (read full article)

1. Stretch first
2. Don’t move snow twice
3. Move snow the shortest distance possible
4. Clear cars first
5. Do the foreground then the background
6. Maintain proper posture
7. Keep hydrated
8. Rest frequently
9. Be thorough but not fussy
10. Don’t overdress
11. Whenever possible, team up
12. Go easy on the de-icer
13. Whenever possible, get a head start
14. Maintain your equipment
15. Stretch when you’re done

Shovelling Tips from us:
1.Don’t do it drunk. As much fun as you think it will be, this could end up poorly.
2.The mouth of the driveway is usually the hardest, consider a digging shovel as opposed to a pushing shovel
3.Plan your shovelling route ahead of time

I would encourage you to read the full article from Popular Mechanics as it really breaks down the first 15 steps.

Todd Palmer
Marketing Directions, Pratt Homes Barrie.