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Elements is excited to display a custom creation by Canadian sculptor Ron Baird.

Introducing breathtaking art sculptures by world-renowned artist Ron Baird. Ron’s sculpture concept for Elements Condominiums is of nature’s 4 elements; earth, air, fire, and water. Therefore, it is designed to be integrated into the experience of living at Elements Condominiums.


ron baird sculpture for elements

Who is Ron Baird?

Ron Baird is one of Canada’s most successful sculptors. He regularly has commissions to create large-scale installations across Canada and around the world. From Barrie’s Spirit Catcher to the pieces dedicated to railway history in Brampton, his works are everywhere!

Proudly Canadian, Ron is a true ambassador. He has expressed the great beauty and marvellous diversity of our province and our country through his artistic genius.

Some artists are like explorers who create their own maps. Because of their discoveries our way of experiencing develops a new sensitivity. Ron Baird is one who has developed a new aesthetic form in Canada, sculpture in the context of architecture.

Joan Murray

Art Critic and Author


The Sculptures

Many of Baird’s pieces use the wind for movement, are interactive, are light responsive, or make musical sounds.  You can find these pieces working with fountains, murals, art galleries, hospitals, parks and public gardens.

Making large works excites him, especially if they have mechanical components. Lately, most of his projects have been executed in stainless steel. It is versatile, permanent and shiny. For this reason, it is a medium he loves. When polished, it has the ability to take on the changing colours that surround it.

Baird’s art represents strengthening connections between people and place. This is integral in the fostering of a community’s identity. In doing so, his art bestows a sense of place. It also celebrates the social, historical and cultural threads of the community, and honours both natural and urban environments.


Information taken from Ron Baird’s personal bio. For more information on Ron and his artistic work, visit his website here.

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