Awards 2023

This Saturday September 27th at 10:00am is the Phase 3 grand opening of Yonge Station and we expect it to be just as busy as the premier opening on May 3, 2014. We’re releasing our 72 unit building, the Grand Central for sale.  It’s a highly anticipated building that people are really excited about. 

With this in mind, we have put together a list of grand opening instructions to help everything run smooth.

1.       Show up at our Yonge Station sales office at 39 Madelaine Drive (we open at 10:00am, but people have mentioned sleeping over in the parking lot.)

2.       Park your car – You will park in our parking lot; or in the parking a lot across Madeleine Drive; or along the side of Madelaine Drive or across Yonge Street at the school

3.       Get in line – we will be handing out numbers to each person to maintain line control

4.       When your number is called, go inside the sales office and register at the front desk (we need you to register so we can keep track of everyone who showed up)

5.       Your registration form and number will be given to one of our sales team members

6.       You will choose your new home, get your paperwork and give your deposit (note: we are only accepting Cash, Visa, Mastercard and Debit)

7.       You will pick an envelope that will be attached to your paperwork and will not be opened until the Meet and Greet dinner with Ron Baird. This envelope could have $10,000 in upgrades for your new home

8.       You will be guided to our processing centre (it’s literally next door) where you will complete your paperwork with our lovely team. (We mean it, they are absolutely lovely!)

9.        Finally, you will celebrate with either a wahoo and/or high five…Other acceptable forms of celebration include chest bumps, forearm smashes, high tens, spinning in a circle with your arms extended etc..

10.   We will contact you to let you know the date of the meet and greet dinner with Ron Baird.

That seems fairly straight forward right?  It’s going to be an exciting day for everyone so bring your smiles and prepare your hands for some high-fives.

Also, there will be a BBQ on site cooking up some deliciousness so it’s ok to come hungry. Another cool feature is that we installed Wheelie, a new piece of public art  to accompany the Spirit Clock this past Wednesday September 24th. Wheelie is residing just inside where the central park area will be.  

If you haven’t yet, register at for a sneak peek before the grand opening this Saturday.

See you this Saturday!

Todd Palmer, Marketing Director.