Awards 2023

Lately I’ve been suffering from serious “new home” envy. There is nothing more exciting than selecting the colours and finishes for a brand new home. Like many, I can see the appeal of starting from scratch, especially with all the choices available today. Twenty years ago the only options we had were department stores. Now, there’s an enormous world of product available, including stores that cater to handy people who like to do the work themselves.


Whether freshening up with paint or selecting finishes for  brand new Barrie homes, planning ahead will help you make the necessary choices with confidence. The first step is to determine your individual needs: think about how you want your space to function and take the time to write it all down.


The next step is my favourite: finding your inspiration! Collect images that inspire you from books and magazines and create a scrapbook or folder. Keep them all in one place where it is easily accessible. It’s also rejuvenating to create inspiration boards using cards, photos, fabrics and clippings from just about anything. Discover your style by observing colour and pattern trends that repeat themselves throughout your collection of images. Your hidden and not-so hidden style will become evident, revealing colour preference and traditional or modern aesthetic. This discovery can help with further selections of materials and finishes.


Choosing your floor is a perfect place to begin. Great flooring decisions lay the groundwork for satisfying design. Think of your floor as the fifth wall in any room. Hardwood remains today’s most popular choice. This classic adds value to your home. It’s a natural insulator, is easy to clean and with proper maintenance, lasts for years. Laminate flooring is also very easy to maintain and comes in an exploding range of wood looks and various patterns. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are great for high traffic and moisture prone areas of the home. This type of flooring material wears well, resists stains and is available in amazing colours and textures with options for size variance and creative patterns. Pratt Homes offers a complete range of today’s flooring choices to make any “new home” selections start out right!


After determining an overall colour scheme and selecting a floor finish, it’s important to remember lighting. As a rule, rooms need four types of lighting – ambient (overhead), task, accent and decorative. This helps a space to function well and look fabulous.


Fine-tune your finishes by selecting cabinets and counters in colours and textures that compliment your desired look – but don’t forget the details! Hardware is like the jewellery that highlights the fashion of a room making it elegant and extra special.


Set aside some extra money for the fun stuff. After all, accessories truly finish off a space and give personal style to every “new home”.


I’m not putting up the “For Sale” sign just yet, but one day I won’t be surprised if I find myself planning ahead to create the “new home” of my dreams!


For more interior design inspiration, stop by the Pratt Homes Design Studio in Barrie.