Awards 2023

Good afternoon friends!

Its been a while since we posted a blog for you (shame on us!). However, we will be getting back in the swing of things over the coming weeks. The goal for our blog is to connect you with our Pratt Homes family as well as provide with you information, tips and updates that will hopefully improve your home buying experience. Whether or not you’re living in Barrie or moving to Barrie, we will be your guiding light on buying a home in Barrie.

As you may be aware, we currently have Mid Ride Condos, Eight Plex Condos, Free Hold Town Homes and Brownstone condos available for you.  There are three developments where you can find the new home of your dreams.

The Pratt Homes developments available to you in Barrie are:

  1. Manhattan – Where Urban Meets Nature. This development is located on Ferndale Drive South right beside the eco-park.
  2. South Woods – Where Families Grow. This development has quick closings available and is located on Veterans Drive near Essa Rd.
  3. East Side Village 2. This development is located on the east end of Barrie near the RVH and Georgian College.

If you’re interested in speaking with a professional and learn more about buying a new home in Barrie, our team Steph, Sue and Bruno would love to meet you and have a discussion.

We really look forward to getting back into blogging!

Todd Palmer

Pratt Homes, Marketing Director

Did you know? Pratt Homes has been building in Barrie for six generations.  Pratt Homes is Barrie’s largest builder since 1890.