Awards 2023

Halloween is this Friday which means kids in costumes, trick or treating in the community. It’s important we have lots of fun and stay safe.

Here’s a few tips to help you and your kids have an awesome Halloween this year.

1. Plan a route in advance – Maximize candy collecting efficiency for the kids and you’ll be safer.
2. Wear comfy shoes – Being comfortable means more time outside and more candy for the kids.
3. Stay well-lit – It’s more likely you’ll be safe if cars can see you.
4. Make sure all costumes are short – Helps avoid tripping.
5. Avoid masks – It’s tough to see through a mask.
6. Choose props carefully – It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.
7. Check your child’s candy – Let’s make sure the only issues are sore teeth and tummy rot from too much candy.
8. Keep an eye out – Remember it’s trick or treat and some people like to pick trick. Do you neighbourhood a favour watch out for shenanigans.
9. Be Polite – Your kid may get something like an apple or a toothbrush, always say thank you, even though many other words may come into your head.

Also, I forgot to mention, please feel free to drop off all Kit Kat bars, small bags of chips and any chocolate really, to our head office at 301 King St. We’ll make sure to get rid of it for you.

Have a happy Halloween.

Todd Palmer
Market Director, Pratt Homes