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Opened 2015 Included Condos and Detached


A Taste of New York


Greenwich Village is a community by Pratt Homes that includes a combination of condos and detached homes. This community was a continuation of our fast selling New York City (NYC) themed communities, which include Manhattan and Upper West Side on Ferndale Drive South in Barrie.

Greenwich Village is inspired by the real Greenwich Village (NYC) and draws inspiration from Washington Square Park and the Washington Square Arch.

A gathering in “bohemia” style is nestled in a lush forest setting, and the buildings, Washington & West Vill, define an eclectic, distinguished tribe unlike any other in Barrie. Inspired by community, the atmosphere is designed as a waypoint, inviting you into a space that captures the authentic flavors and bold energy of old New York City. The spirit of this space is generous, unpretentious, and securely anchored around a rich tapestry of culture. Paisley-patterned fabrics, plush shearling, and whimsical hand-painted tiles that mimic the ambiance in smoky late-night cafes are just a few of the elements that directly correspond with the NYC counterparts. Wrought iron plays a key role in connecting the vision with reality, with repeated scrolled light fixtures scattered through the common space. Symmetrical arched mirrors emulate the infamous apron windows, designed to give the illusion of strolling through quaint streets in the Village.

Located in central Barrie, this community is next door to Barrie’s eco park. This small community is made up of 96 condo and 15 detached homes and is a 5-7 minute drive from Barrie’s downtown, waterfront as well as the south end. Greenwich Village is where urban meets nature and you will not find a community like it!



Special Notes About This Build

  • This community is surrounded by Barrie’s Eco Park
  • In the heart of the city, a short drive from it all
  • This condominium has a lounge area to host events
  • This was a smaller community and sold fast!
  • One of Barrie’s first homes offered with contemporary style





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