Awards 2023

Below is The Gallery Condominiums site map.

The map shows where each building will be located as well as where they are in relation to the 14 acres forested park.

We will be launching the Louvre for sale at the Final Phase Release. This is the building with Barrie’s first residential roof top patio. It’s 11,000 square feet of awesomeness. All residents of the community will have access to this beautiful work of art.

It’s also the only building offering head on views of east and west Barrie but still allowing views of our beautiful waterfront.

The Louvre is the first building at the Bryne Drive entrance making it the closest in proximity to the grocery store. The main community entrance is located on Essa Rd.

The Final Phase Release is Saturday April 16th. It’s your last chance to own your personal work of art. Once they’re gone. They’re gone forever.

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Visit our sales office before the Final Phase Release on Saturday April 16th and pick up your Skip the Tour Pass! It will speed things up for you on April 16th.