Awards 2023

We found a recent article in Epoch Times, which echoes the sentiments of so many people who come into our sales office every week. Baby boomers with children growing up and leaving the roost are increasingly looking to downsize as a means to saving money and adding some security to their retirement years. Affordable condos in Barrie like those in the Manhattan community provide an excellent opportunity for older couples to start relaxing and stop worrying about the burden of an oversized home and mortgage. Condo living also reduces the stress and cost of general maintenance depending on the size of your current property. With Manhattan, in particular, you can move into a community with its own EcoPark right next door. Hectic days at work can be followed by leisurely nature walks in the evening or simply sitting on the balcony to enjoy the fresh night air.  With your finances in check, you can spend more time worrying about important things like whether to have the Merlot or the Shiraz with your dinner.

Some people do express concerns about adjusting to a condo setting and lifestyle, but those who have made the move generally find they are surrounded by like-minded people, with similar interests and often wonder why they waited so long.  A condo community is really not all that different from a regular neighborhood.  Common areas like the games room are designed to bring people together and encourage community building.

For those who feel they still aren’t quite ready, smaller stacked townhomes are also an option at Manhattan, which provide a slightly different style/feel and perhaps a little more independence and freedom, if the notion of condo living seems too structured. Townhome owners will likewise benefit from exterior maintenance, a growing community and the desirable location in Barrie’s south end.

We’d love to have current condo owners chime in on their personal experiences with downsizing whether in Barrie or otherwise.