Awards 2023

Here’s a colour and decor tip for you! I’ve noticed lately, that there has been a new found love for the colour “WHITE”!

Vibrant colour isn’t the only creator of drama. White accessories such as; frames, vases, art and dishware can add sensational style to both traditional and modern rooms.

Accessories are so often a place for adding colour without having to commit to major change. But in an effort to create drama, sometimes white is overlooked as an exciting viable choice for making a statement using accessories.

Against a dark background, white can be a real show stopper, and in a neutral surrounding, it can add grace and quite elegance if used throughout a space.
My personal favorite at this time of year is white accessories from the sea. Coral, starfish and unusual shells look great on occasional tables, in a bookcase or as a centerpiece.

Consider “WHITE” as you plan the “decorating details” for your new home. It’s a timeless choice and the ultimate breath of fresh air!”

Cynthia Grassing
Pratt Homes Colour and Design Consultant