Awards 2023

Keys to the City: Episode 2

In episode 2 of This Kinda Life and Pratt Homes’ Keys to the City, the girls visit the top 5 Barrie Parks in Barrie, Ontario. Sarah and Apryl built this list by reaching out on Facebook for opinions on peoples favourite Barrie Parks in our beautiful city.

There is much to consider when thinking about which park is your favourite. Is there a beach? What is the playground like? Are there any unique features? Are walking trails a must have? Each park in the City of Barrie has different traits. There are many parks located across the city of Barrie for you and your family to enjoy so make sure you take the time this year to check some of them out. You won’t regret it.

Looking for more Barrie Parks?

There are plenty more excellent parks and beaches; these are the top 5 favs from This Kinda Life. For a full list of Parks in Barrie check out the city of Barrie website. You can also visit Tourism Barrie for a more concise list of Beaches and Parks in Barrie.


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