Awards 2023

Barrie Farmers Market

In episode 3 the girls from This Kinda Life visit the Barrie Farmers Market in downtown Barrie in front of city hall at Collier Street and Mulcastor. The Barrie Farmers Market happens every Saturday morning from 8:00am until 12:00pm all year round. During the summer months the market is outdoors and during the winter it goes inside the rotunda at Barrie’s City Hall.

You can find all the best meat, fruits and vegetables from around Simcoe County including food you can purchase and eat right on site. As you wander around the farmers market you will be entertained by musicians and energised by the bustling crowd. It’s a great start to your Saturday morning to drop by and do you grocery shopping for the week.

If you are interested in checking out the weekly vendors drop by the farmers market website and have a peek. The market has grown every year since it began and now they even shut down Mulcastor so all of the awesome vendors have enough space to serve you better. Make sure you stop into the farmers market this weekend and pick up some delicious goodies for you and your family.