Individualize your Interior!

Pratt Homes Design Boutique is where you and our Design and Colour Director work together to individualize your interior and make your home unique.


While there are many reasons to celebrate the purchase of your new Pratt Home, our free personal design and colour consultation takes place at our Pratt Homes Design Boutique and is one of the most exciting parts of your journey.

Homeowners are welcomed by a professional eagerness to inspire the best design and colour selections for their new home. An atmosphere of peace and tranquillity has been carefully created to make the selection process relaxing for everyone.



The exciting part begins with a full selection from our core library. We have beautiful standard cabinetry and counters, modern hardware, laminate and hardwood flooring and hundreds of ceramic tiles…our selection has never been better!

Pratt Homes is proud of the many awards we have won for concept and design and look forward to applying the same design principles to your new home.


“I believe everyone should live in an environment that reflects their own desires and lifestyle. I work to ignite your imagination and provide a starting point for you to expand the possibilities of your homes design. I aim to make the whole experience unforgettable.”

– Gemma Elizabeth, Design and Colour Director at Pratt Homes Design Boutique