Why Buy Pratt? Why Buy New?

People are often faced with the dilemma, should I buy new or used?

The question should really be, do I want to live in someone else’s house? When you buy new, you’re the first person to bath in your tub, the first person to cook in your kitchen, the first person to sit on your toilet. Resale means previously used and not everyone is qualified to play Property Brothers!

Buying a new home is easy! You and your home are protected by your Tarion New Home Warranty. Plus, you have access to our service department to ensure your home is the quality you expect from us. This gives you the confidence you deserve!

Your new home is built with today’s energy standards and modern designs. Efficient and cost effective heating systems with energy saving furnaces and high insulation standards ensure that heating and cooling systems will run cost effectively.

Your new home gets your personal touch. You have full access to our colour and Décor studio to make sure your new home reflects your style. From Colours to cabinets to carpets to counters buying leaves you in control. Our sales team is here for you. They have an immense knowledge of our product. Your questions get answered and your time is valued. It’s a small team that works together.