Barrie Landmark Art: The Gallery Condominiums

Aylan Couchie

Barrie Landmark Art: Aylan Couchie’s landmark art will be host at The Gallery Condominiums. Her art installations will be included on the roof of The MacLaren, The Roof Top Patio and throughout the community. In August and September of 2015 Pratt Homes held an art competition where residents could vote on their favourite submission. Aylan Couchie’s submission was voted as the favourite.

Artist Statement
Simcoe County and the City of Barrie have a varied and remarkable history. Much of the earliest history revolves around the Indigenous peoples who settled in the area. Prior to the arrival of Samuel de Champlain in 1615, the area around Kempenfelt Bay was composed of Huron villages that used the land and waterways for hunting, fishing and trade. Less than four decades later, the Huron were overtaken by the Iroquois who laid claim to the area until the late 1690’s when they were ousted by the Ojibwe. Symbolic to Indigenous modes of transportation, the canoe, certainly played an important part in the lives of all tribes who inhabited the area. It was with all of this in mind that the concept for H.I.O Big Chiefs was conceived. Standing proudly overlooking Kempenfelt Bay and much of Barrie, three “Big Chiefs” pay tribute to the First Nations that lived, fought and shaped what Simcoe County has come to be.

Roof Top Submission
Roof Top Submission -Front-View

Roof Top Submission
Roof Top Submission -Side-View

Roof Top Patio Submission
Pratt Homes Barrie July 22, 2015

Complimentary Submission

Complimentary Submission

Complimentary Submission

Complimentary Submission