Awards 2023

Pratt Homes Decor Studio – Dark Shadows by Gemma Elizabeth.

Be it rich aubergine, deep navy or smoky gunmetal, dark wall colours never fail to make even the airiest rooms feel that much more cosy and sophisticated.  Deep shades have been used consistently through the history of design from chateaus in France, to smoking rooms in Manhattan- their timeless appeal lend to the most classic of interiors.  Should your aesthetic be more modern, or classically traditional- there’s a shade that will work perfectly with your space.

Deep and dark is a shoe-in for rooms like dens, offices or libraries- but currently, it’s right on trend for just about any room in your home. Whether it’s an accent wall, or a full trim, wall and ceiling wrap- a dark colour is sure to make an impact.

I challenge you to open up to the idea of painting it black- or something of the sort.

My best,

Gemma Elizabeth, Decor and Colour Director