Awards 2023

While everyone is happy to see spring weather arrive, particularly those of us living in Barrie where sometimes winter overstays its welcome, it generally brings with it the need to get busy organizing, decluttering and CLEANING. Yes, even in a new home, townhome or condo.  In order to keep your new home looking and feeling fresh and new, we’ve put together a quick list of spring cleaning tips and reminders.

  1. Wipe Your Feet – Invest in good front or side doormats. There are plenty of opportunities to get your shoes and boots muddy in the spring so make sure you and your family have somewhere to wipe off the dirt (preferably outside of your house).
  2. And Wipe Your Paws – If you have pets, keep a rag close to the door; unless you’ve figured out a way for them to use your newly purchased outdoor doormat.doggy doormat
  3. Call the Rug Doctor – When shoes are not removed or when socks are not worn, carpets and rugs can quickly become faded. You can rent a steam cleaner and do it yourself once or twice a year. Professionals should only need to be called in for major issues or once every three or four years.
  4. Clean Wall-to-Wall – Wash and/or touch up painted walls, particularly in high traffic areas.  Today’s paints are formulated to be washed with a sponge and warm water. For tougher stains you can use a mild dish detergent or even a household cleaner like Fantastik, although keep in mind some of these products do have bleach or solvents, which can damage your paint. Once you’ve removed the stain, rinse again with warm water on a sponge. If necessary, go over rough areas with a fine sandpaper, drywall compound and touch up paint job.
  5. Look Up, Look Way Up – Survey the tops and corners of your walls for cobwebs, which have a way of appearing out of nowhere. User a duster or your vacuum with a soft brush attachment to detangle the work of your arachnid house guests.
  6. Window Washing – Pull out your window screens, then vacuum or run them through the shower. Use a strong cleaner, rubber gloves and a scouring pad to remove any mold or mildew from around window panes.  Naturally, wipe down window panes with a good quality glass cleaner or make your own glass cleaner with readily available products from your supermarket.spring cleaning windows
  7. Remove The Dust You Can’t See – Remove your vents and vaccum what you can from your ducts.  If you use a stand-up vacuum, change the HEPA filter regularly so you are not blowing dust and allergens back into the air.  Also, be sure to change your furnace filter on a regular basis. Mark the date on your calendar so you remember to make this a common occurrence.
  8. Go Into the Closet – Say a fond farewell to your winter coats, touques, mittens, scarves and boots; at least for the next six months or so.
  9. spring cleaning decor changeDécor Change – Be sure to take down your Christmas decorations or snowmen and replace them with more seasonal accents like spring flowers and brightly coloured pillows or throws. Even small fresh changes can make a world of difference. Our Barrie home interior design team can provide great ideas based on the latest design trends.
  10. Don’t Just Clean…CLEAN! – Commit a day or a weekend, as well as other members of your family whether they like it or not, to really getting down and dirty with your scrubbing.  Pull out the stove and fridge, dust behind the TV, the stereo and the dresser in your bedroom, scrub the kitchen countertop and the shower tiles. Turn up the tunes and try to make it a fun exercise, instead of a chore. The time you put in will make your home look great, will create a healthier living environment and will make you feel good in a home you can be proud of sharing with your family and friends.

Let us know if you’ve any other tips or tricks you’ve come to find particularly effective when it comes to your own spring cleaning.