Barrie, Ontario – Keys to the City of Barrie

Barrie, Ontario – Keys to the City of Barrie is a weekly vlog produced by This Kinda Life. The girls travel to Barrie’s best places, events, venues and everywhere else that makes our city so incredible. Once you watch the episodes you know Barrie is such a great place to live or visit.

Keys to the City of Barrie: Heritage Estates Barrie’s Winery

In this week’s Keys to the City of Barrie, brought to you by Pratt Homes, we head to Heritage Estate Winery and Cidery for a taste and a tour!

We’ve been to wineries in Niagara and Napa, but we are so excited that there is a place closer to home in which to indulge our love of the grape! Heritage Estate is just outside of Barrie on Penetanguishene Road and offers a Vidal, Baco Noir and a slew of other wine varieties.

What Heritage Estate is really known for is their Cider. Recently, they won People’s Choice at the craft cider show in Toronto!

You can book tours, tastings and events at the winery, or just pop in and try it!

Keys to the City of Barrie: Barrie’s Best Beaches

The summer is coming to a close, but we suggest you keep this countdown of Barrie’s Best Beaches for next summer! The Keys to the Ciy of Barrie is brought to you by Pratt Homes.

Here’s what we found after spending the summer experiencng the area’s waterfront this summer:

Centennial Beach: This beach has so much to offer and is the beach most people think of for Barrie. With kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and the water park, the possibilities are endless.

Johnson’s Beach: If you’re looking for a no frills beach in Barrie, this is the one for you. Lots of sand and great views of the City of Barrie’s downtown, it’s our second choice.

Minet’s Point Beach: If you have small children, we suggest this beach for you! The swim area is shallow and the park is so great! Plus, they are very close to each other. Another plus, the sunsets are spectacular!

Tyndale Beach: This is the beach for everyone! With sandy beach area, playground, beach volleyball area and a pavillion, you can enjoy this area at any age.

Dock Road: Not technically a beach, but it’s a favourite with our kids. Nothing beats dock jumping!

Keys to the City of Barrie: Dragon Boat Festival

In this episode of Keys to the City of Barrie, This Kinda Life’s Sarah and Apryl talk about one of Barrie’s most competitive and helpful events, The Dragon Boat Festival.

The Barrie Dragon Boat Festival is a summer event that promotes community spirit, vitality and unity. The fundamental objective of a Dragon Boat Festival is to strengthen community spirit, providing an opportunity for citizens to demonstrate their organizational talent and resources in hosting a major recreational and cultural event. Benefits include fundraising opportunities for local charitable and not-for-profit organizations, increased exposure for local businesses and a fun-filled event the whole family can enjoy.

Keys to the City of Barrie: Lawnchair Luminata

Now in its tenth year, this downtown BIA summer series continues to bring a diverse range of arts and entertainment to Barrie’s beautiful waterfront and downtown. This is an artistic collaboration of theatre, music, art, film and more. Presented at Memorial Square, Heritage Park or at downtown locations, this series is scheduled on select evenings throughout the summer months from June to August.

Returning this year – Barrie Thunder Classics Car Club on display every Wednesday by the water all summer long, also the Barrie Film Festival’s Outdoor Film Series with a new selection of free movies to enjoy under the stars. The Downtown Street Performers Program is back, making more appearances than ever (Tues-Sun) at various Lawn Chair Luminata evenings.

Come and experience Lawn Chair Luminata and of course bring your lawn chair!

Keys to the City of Barrie: Kempenfest

It’s one of Barrie’s biggest and most important festivals of the summer! This week Keys to the City of Barrie visits Kempenfest to check out the midway, vendors, concerts and so much more.

Keys to the City of Barrie: Barrie’s Waterfront

Centennial Beach in The City of Barrie is the biggest and busiest in the City, and there’s no shortage of fun things to try out! In this week’s Keys to the City of Barrie, we give you a tour of the beach beyond the sand and the sun.

Keys to the City of Barrie: Classics in the Park

In this episode of Keys to the City of Barrie, Apryl & Sarah get behind the wheel of a few classic cars and find their favourite at this weekend’s Classics In the Park!

Classics in the Park also happens every Wednesday night on the waterfront during the summer.

Keys to the City of Barrie: Barrielicious

Barrielicious is….well, delicious! This food-tastic event happens every summer and winter in Barrie. Restaurateurs throughout Barrie offer a 3-course menu for $25. It give residents and visitors the opportunity to try out some fine local cuisine. Sarah and Apryl from This Kinda Life stop in a few restaurants and enjoy some beautiful food.

Keys to the City of Barrie: Craft Beer and BBQ Festival

The Craft Beer and BBQ Festival is a Barrie event that happens every July downtown by the waterfront.

The girls from This Kinda Life stopped in for an edible episode of Key so the City of Barrie.

There is live music, great BBQ and craft beer from many different vendors.

You get to experience food and drinks from award winning creators. These people know what they are doing.

Sarah and Apryl discussed their favourites. Click here to find out.

It is one of the marquee events that happens every summer in downtown Barrie. Another reason to stop by for the weekend or just move here already.

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Barrie, Ontario: Keys to the City of Barrie. Barrie Splash Park.

Keys to the City of Barrie visited the brand new Barrie Splash Park this week. The girls from This Kinda Life had some fun in the sun and water!

The park is an inflatable obstacle course that is located on the waters of Centennial Beach; downtown Barrie. It is located 30 meters off the shoreline and can hold up to 100 people at a time.

The Splash Park could become a staple of the waterfront and be there for many summers to come.

It’s just another reason to visit Barrie during the summer.

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Episode 7 – Barrie, Ontario Events – Barrie Boat Show

The girls from This Kinda Life check out the Barrie Boat Show.  The first annual boat show takes place at the dock at Barrie’s beautiful waterfront.

It is located Kempenfelt Bay by Centennial Beach and Heritage Park in downtown Barrie.

Sarah and Apryl interview some members of the event as well as guests who attended. Kempenfelt Bay connects with Lake Simcoe and offers a great playground for boating, fishing and all types of water sports.

The waterfront in Barrie, Ontario is a crown jewel enjoyed by residents and tourists all throughout the year.

Episode 6 – Barrie, Ontario Festivals – Barrie Jazz and Blues Festival

The Barrie Jazz Blues Festival is a staple of Barrie, ON. It’s been happening for several years at many venues throughout the city.

In Episode 6 of Keys to the City, the girls from This Kinda Life check out what the Barrie Jazz and Blues Festival has to offer.

This Festival brings so many great artists to our city. We are proud to be a continuing sponsor of this event.

We’re excited the festival has extended into Alliston. Banting Square our condominium community in Alliston is a proud sponsor of this premiere event as well.

The girls get groovy in this weeks episode as they visit the venues and interview some of the musicians.

Episode 5 – Wing Ding

Episode 4 – Barrie, Ontario Festivals – Barrie Water Front Festivals

In this episode of Keys to the City with This Kinda Life, we experience the launch of Barrie Festivals Season with the Barrie Waterfront Festival.

The girls from This Kinda Life enjoy the rides, the games and the delicious food trucks.

Barrie Festivals and event Season starts on the Victoria Day weekend as flows right through the summer until the Labour Day long weekend and often times several weeks after.

The Barrie Waterfront Festival is sponsored by 101.1 BIG FM and 93.1 Fresh FM, to local radio stations that have been supporting our community for years.

This festival is jam packed with all sorts of rides and midway games plus a stunning and remarkably delicious amount of food trucks and vendors.

Barrie Festivals have made their mark registering on Ontario’s Top 100 festivals and events.

You and the family will truly love Barrie Festival season so be sure to mark these events on your calendar and make time to come down to our waterfront and check them out.


Episode 3 – Barrie, Ontario Events – Barrie’s Farmers Market

In episode 3 the girls from This Kinda Life visit the Barrie Farmers Market in downtown Barrie in front of city hall at Collier Street and Mulcastor. The Barrie Farmers Market happens every Saturday morning from 8:00am until 12:00pm all year round. During the summer months the market is outdoors and during the winter it goes inside the rotunda at Barrie’s City Hall.

You can find all the best meat, fruits and vegetables from around Simcoe County including food you can purchase and eat right on site. As you wander around the farmers market you will be entertained by musicians and energised by the bustling crowd. It’s a great start to your Saturday morning to drop by and do you grocery shopping for the week.

If you are interested in checking out the weekly vendors drop by the farmers market website and have a peek. The market has grown every year since it began and now they even shut down Mulcastor so all of the awesome vendors have enough space to serve you better. Make sure you stop into the farmers market this weekend and pick up some delicious goodies for you and your family

Episode 2 – Barrie, Ontario’s Park – Barrie’s Best Parks

In episode 2 of This Kinda Life and Pratt Homes’ Keys to the City, the girls visit the top 5 Barrie Parks in Barrie, Ontario. Sarah and Apryl built this list by reaching out on Facebook for opinions on peoples favourite Barrie Parks in our beautiful city.

There is much to consider when thinking about which park is your favourite. Is there a beach? What is the playground like? Are there any unique features? Are walking trails a must have? Each park in the City of Barrie has different traits. There are many parks located across the city of Barrie for you and your family to enjoy so make sure you take the time this year to check some of them out. You won’t regret it.

Looking for more Barrie Parks?

There are plenty more excellent parks and beaches; these are the top 5 favs from This Kinda Life. For a full list of Parks in Barrie check out the city of Barrie website. You can also visit Tourism Barrie for a more concise list of Beaches and Parks in Barrie.

Episode 1 – Barrie, Ontario Events – Taste the World

Pratt Homes and This Kinda Life have teamed up to bring you Keys to the City. Follow Apryl and Sarah as they tour around and discover all the incredible things about the city of Barrie. From events to places and everything in between! In our first episode the girls dropped by Taste the World at Tangle Creek. This delicious event is a Kempenfelt Rotary fundraiser for Grove Park Home!

We will be posting an episode of Keys to the City every week!