The Pratt Family Commitment is the Pratt Homes Commitment

Our commitment is to you, your home, and our community.

The Pratt family has a proud history in Barrie beginning with the arrival of Stephen Pratt from England in 1871. The first brick he laid was the beginning of a rich family tradition of home building and community involvement that has spanned 6 generations.

Each generation of Pratt Home builders brought innovations in home design and construction to the building industry by promoting new materials, technologies and environmental initiatives. Throughout the entire journey they have supported and contributed to the growth of Barrie.

Adapting to the times and economy, while continuing to provide value and quality, the Pratt family has lived, thrived and built homes in the Barrie area for 124 years.  Today Pratt Homes is humbled to be Barrie’s largest builder and continues to build communities that families can live in and be proud to call home.

The Pratt family established a tradition of community involvement and philanthropy, supporting a number of important initiatives. The family proudly continues to contribute to community projects here in Barrie, surrounding communities and areas in need beyond our borders. The Pratt family was honoured with the 2014 Maclaren Legacy Award for their many years of support the community.

Living in the same communities in which we continue to build, affords a unique and personal perspective into the needs of the community, as well as understanding the short and long term goals of the municipality. This insight has enabled Pratt Homes to build many enduring neighbourhoods in this beautiful, vibrant and ever growing city.

Today the Pratt family name is proudly associated with many exciting on going projects and initiatives with many more fabulous neighbourhoods in the planning stage.

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