The Union (56 Unit Building)

Model NameBedsBathParkingPrice
80011Above GroundSold Out
80011Under GroundSold Out!
88211Under GroundSold Out!
100121Under GroundSold Out
114522Under GroundSold Out
11752 + Den2Under GroundSold Out
118422Under GroundSold Out
13742 + Den2Under GroundSold Out
140132Under GroundSold Out
145432Under GroundSold Out!


The Grand Central (72 Unit Building)

Model NameBedsBathParkingPrice
83211Above GroundSold Out
8671 + Den1Under GroundSold Out!
86711Above GroundSold Out!
86711Under GroundSold Out!
102221Under GroundSold Out!
115822Under GroundSold Out!
119922Under GroundSold Out
140132Under GroundSold Out!
145432Under GroundSold Out!


Eight Plex Pricing

Model NameBedsBathParkingPrice
118022AboveSold Out
130121.5AboveSold Out
130521.5AboveSold Out
132431.5AboveSold Out


Townhome Pricing

Model NameBedsBathsParkingPrice
137232.5AboveSold Out
141432.5AboveSold Out